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We Bake with LoveWe Bake with LoveWe Bake with Love

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About Us

Handcrafted Desserts and Pastries.


Pastry Chef Andrea started baking from a young age under the care and advisory of her mother and grandmothers. The South is rich in many traditions, and one of its most important is baking. From creating the perfect biscuit to accompany Sunday dinner, or baking the perfect pie to welcome a new neighbor, baking in the South is about more than creating something delicious, it’s about sharing special times with family and friends. Growing up in a traditional southern home allowed Andrea the opportunity to absorb these traditions and master them. Her passion for baking led her to enroll in the Culinary Arts program at the West Georgia Technical College. Once she finished her classes, she worked at the Wyndham Hotel and conference center in Peachtree City, Georgia and then later earned the opportunity to work for Executive Chef Roy Khoo at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America as a Pastry Chef.

In 2010, Andrea Started Schuman Sweets as a side business baking and catering weddings and special events for friends and family. Local word of mouth grew and her business doubled by years end. In 2017, she relocated to the DFW area with her family taking her baking business with her. She’s been satisfying her new confection community with her southern charm one tasty bite at a time.